Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello September!

I am so excited that September is here!  Along with September comes COOLER WEATHER.  This summer has been a killer.  I honestly don't think I will ever wish for summer to be here again.  It's no fun when it's absolutely too hot to enjoy it!

I've seen some people saying that they are joining in on no soda September.  I hardly drink soda, but I'm going to commit to this as well! I never keep any soda in the house but in social situations I usually give in and have some.  I'm completely confident that I can make it the entire month without wasting calories on soda!

I need to get caught up on my blog reading and share some blog love! Since school has started, things have gotten a little crazy! I think at the end of this month I am going to go through a program to become a Dental Assistant! It's only a 2 month program (although it's 5 hours a day, yuck!) and I figure that I have nothing to lose. (besides some cash lol) I haven't figured out what I want to do and I think it's time to just try something new.

I had a great workout today. I've started going back to the gym. My sister and law and I have a routine going that seems to work for now.  We start out with some cardio, do a complete circuit, and then end with more cardio. I'm sore today and I love that feeling!

Wow, this post has been all over the place. That's okay because that's what my life feels like right now, all over the place!

Hope you all are having a fantastic week!


  1. good for you. Your gym routine sounds fabulous :)

  2. In Oregon we have only had about 3 weeks above 90 but I'm seriously over it! I want fall, just not a lot of rain!
    Good job on the workout! It sounds great! Keep up the great work!!