Bucket List

I got this idea from a few other blogs. I'd never written a bucket list before, so it was actually fun to sit down and think about things I want to do during my life! It's definitely a work in progress. I'll be adding/crossing off things as they come!

1.       Go to Vegas
2.       Go shopping in NYC
3.       Go on an all inclusive vacation
4.       Parasail
5.       Jet ski
6.       Ride in an airplane
7.       Graduate College
8.       Move to Florida
9.       Learn to walk in heels
10.   Buy a home
11.   Do a 5K
12.   Do a half-marathon
13.   Lose 25lbs
14.   Lose 50lbs
15.   Lose 75lbs
16.   Lose 100lbs
17.   Play softball again
18.   Visit all 50 states
19.   Go back to Disney World
20.   Take a random road trip
21.   Stay in a haunted hotel
22.   Travel overseas
23.   Go on a cruise
24.   Visit Washington D.C.
25.   Go skiing
26.   Go horseback riding
27.   Write a Book
28.   Take a dance class
29.   Feel confident in a swimsuit
30.   Go 6 months without any soda


  1. Vegas in October, be there or be square!! LOL. Thanks for stopping by my blog, new follower of yours. ;)