Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have to say, this week was horrible on the exercise front.  I only got 2 good workouts in, and that is definitely changing this week! My loss for this week is 1.2lbs. I'm completely satisfied with that because it reflects the amount of work I put in. Now that my work schedule has slowed down I will have more time to devote to working out. School starts tomorrow, but I'm only taking online classes so no excuses there, I have a treadmill and workout equipment in my house!

Starting Weight: 307.8
Current Weight: 303.4
Total Loss: 4.4lbs

Woohoo if I work hard this week maybe I will be back in the 200's next week!!
I'm feeling under the weather today, yuck! I don't want any of our cousins kiddos to get sick so I am staying home today to rest and get to feeling better. Hope you all have had a good weekend!


  1. Good job! At least you didnt gain! Hope you feel better!

  2. Heres hopin for the 200s for both you and I!!!

  3. You'll be in the 200's in no time!

    Thanks for the feedback about the B12. As a non-meat eater, and someone who is in her 30's, I could certainly use some extra energy!

  4. Yayyyy for the loss.....200's round the corner!!!!

  5. AWESOME!!! Way to go, Amanda!!!!