Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scale HELP!

What kind of scale does everyone use?? I really need a new scale for the house. I got rid of my old one because every time I stood on it it would have a completely different number anywhere from 1-10lbs off.  I know there will always be a SLIGHT error but I want a scale that will be accurate most of the time.

I just got a treadmill and other workout equipment so I won't be at the gym as much to use their scales!

Any ideas?


  1. I got mine at Target. It is the Weight Watchers brand - I don't use WW, I just got it because it was blue, on sale, and worked when I was my biggest. :)

  2. @oh_mg

    Thank you!! I've seen a lot of ppl using the weight watchers one! We FINALLY got a target here. Gotta love Arkansas!